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These are various items that you can buy that relate to Shujinko. If you've found something not listed here and think that it should be, then please email me and I'll add it in.

Persona 3: Shujinko (Main Character) - 1/10 Scale PVC Figure with Audio-CD by Kotobukiya.

Price: $44.90
Release date: December 2007
Where to buy: Play-Asia or ebay
Persona 3: FES had a package that came with headphones like the ones that Shujinko wears. The brand of those headphones is Audio Technica ATH-EM700 SV.

Price: $80-$100 on ebay.
S.E.E.S. armband like the ones that the characters wear. These came as part of the more extravagant pre-order bonus pack with Persona 3. I have yet to see these outside of said pack. For more merchandise that was released with the pre-order packs, see Digital Devil Database.

Release date: July 13, 2006
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