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What is a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is simply an online list of fans of a subject, such as a TV show, actor, or musician, that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join. There are no costs, and the only requirements to join a fanlisting are your name and country. Fanlistings do not have to be large sites (although some are); they are just a place where you can sign up with other fans.


The Dorm is the fanlisting portion of this site. The links are as follows:

Entrance > Home or the index page. This takes you back to the main page.
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The Velvet Room is the shrine portion of this site. Currently, it is rather small, but I'll be adding to it soon.

Compendium > Image gallery. This is the place to look if you're looking for pictures of Shujinko.
Fusions > Fan work. Any graphics, fanfiction, or fanart would be under Fusions.
Elizabeth's requests > Any products that were released that relate to Shujinko are listed here. I do not know where you could buy most of these though.

Gekkoukan is the misc information relating to the site.

Contact > Information on how to contact me.
Transfer > Affiliates.

About Persona 3

"Time never waits. It delivers all equally to the same end. You, who wish to safeguard the future, however limited it may be... You will be given one year; go forth without falter, with your heart as your guide." - Persona 3 opening

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 is a role playing video game for the Playstation 2, published by Atlus. It is about a teenager who, shortly after transferring to Gekkoukan High School, is attacked by Shadows creatures that feed on the minds of their victims. The assault awakens his Persona, Orpheus, his only chance at defeating these creatures of the night. He soon discovers that he shares this special ability with other students at his new school. From them he learns of the "Dark Hour," a hidden time that exists between one day and the next, swarming with Shadows. He joins the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES), and with his new friends, confronts the threat of the Shadows. - From wikipedia. Beware of MAJOR spoilers on the wikipedia page.

About Shujinko

Shujinko is the main character of Persona 3. He has no default name in Persona 3, though many players call him Shujinko, which translates to main character in Japanese. He was also given the name Minato Arisato in the Persona 3 manga, authored by Shūji Sogabe. He is voiced by Akira Ishida in the Japanese version of the game, and Yuri Lowenthal in the English version.

His backstory is not revealed until much later in the game, and all that is known about him for most of the game is that he is a 17-year-old orphan who has just transferred to Gekkoukan High. He usually does not say much, and what he does say is chosen by the player from a few options. The only time that you hear his voice is during battle.

Unlike the other characters in the game, Shujinko can use a number of different personas. He starts with Orpheus, though you are not required to use or keep him.

Shujinko can also use any weapon in the game except for the ones made for Aigis and Koromaru.

Throughout the game, you can build social links, and increase Shujinko's academics, charm, and courage stats. These stats will effect what social links you can start and what ones you cannot. It is best to build as many social links as possible since they give extra exp to personas when you fuse them and, when maxed, allow you to fuse the ultimate persona of that arcana.

Orpheus' origins

Persona Origin: Greek and Thracian mythology

Persona Information: The Protagonist's starting persona is Orpheus. He may, from the outset, make use of other personas he acquires or fuses. Having Orpheus on your team is in no way required.

The original story of Orpheus was adopted by the Greeks from the nearby area of Thrace. He is the patron of both the lyre and the art of song. Most famous tradition positions Orpheus as the son of Oeagrus, King of Thrace, and Calliope, muse of poetry.

Persona Design: There are a couple of notable aspects of Shigenori Soejima's Orpheus design in Persona 3. First, he carries a giant lyre. In mythology, this was designed for him by Hermes as a gift from Apollo. This lyre contributes to his legend of being associated with poetry and song. His gift of song was said to be beautiful enough to charm man or beast.

Second, one of the stories of Orpheus involves his death at the hands of angry followers of Dionysus. They first threw sticks and stones at him, but his beautiful song proved able to stop even inanimate objects. Enraged, the followers attacked Orpheus head-on and tore him into pieces. His head and lyre floated down a nearby river, still singing their songs, until they arrived at the island of Lesbos. His head was buried there and the Lyre carried off to heaven by the Muses.

This proves interesting in the design because there are clearly two aspects to him: one, his body is completely mechanical and two, his head appears to be real. A crimson cloth wraps his neck area, which would contain the most obvious wound. It would seem that the persona Orpheus is based upon his appearance after his demise.

- From Digital Devil Database

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